Friday, 2 December 2011

13 signs u falling in love ^_^

haloooo~ hye kowg,post hari nie mmg xde kne mengena dgn preview aq blurr la hari nie..xde mood nk story psl sebagai ganti aq bg kowg 13 tanda yg kowg da tergolek dlm cinta atau dlm bahasa omputihnye falling in love <3 jumpe pic ni kt Mr.Google ^_^

p/s: nk post entry psl cinta nie aq segan cinta aq sdiri tunggang langgang =="

#13 You can't stay mad at him/her more than a minute or two.You actually have to try hard to stay mad. <3

#12 You'll read your conversation with him/her over and over again. <3

#11 You'll walk really2 slow while u with him/her. <3

#10 You'll feel shy whenever you with him/her. <3

#9  While thinking about him/her your heart will beats faster n faster. <3

#8  By listening to his/her voice....make you smile for no reason. <3

#7  While looking to his/ can't see the other people around can see only that person. <3

#6  You'll start to listening to slow song and thinking of him/her. <3

#5  He/she become ALL you think about. <3

#4  You;ll get high just by their smell. <3

#3  You'll realize that you are always smiling to yourself when you think of that person. <3

#2  You'll do anything for him/her. <3

#1  While reading this.....there was one person on your mind the whole time. <3 <3 <3


  1. pa~ ma harap sangat pa maafkan segala salah silap ma ..

  2. mintak2 jgn la wat prangai ag ye ^_^