Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hope u know :'(

I really2 hope i can be there to wipe ur tears,hold u tight in my arm,calm u down,n tell u how much I love u,how much I care,how much I really want to be by ur side right now....I know that u need me now,I know that u hoping me to say sorry for what I said before..but I can't...I just can't do is just gonna be worse...not for me...but to u...I really want to see u success in ur life...make ur family so proud of u...but sorry again...boy like me,truly don't deserve to be there when u success....please don't ever think that i'm playing with ur heart,with our love..nothing fake in that..its all real,my love to u is real,all my feelings to u is real,the time that we spend together it all real....I do love u...but,I don't deserve to be love back by u....u can get a guy that lot better than me,u will get it someday....I don't even care if u hate me now,I know I deserve it...but,please,I'm begging u...please don't ruin ur life because of me...I want u to succeed in ur best pray will always be with u....I will still take care of u,be ur protector,be ur guardian if u give me chance...but please don't give me ur love...although,I really want ur love so bad,really want u to be mine...but,I can't,u know why better for me to hurt u now then I hurt u latter. Don't cry,don't waste ur tears on me...u know how much I hate when u cry...I'm sorry,I'm really2 sorry...I know it hurt...but I have no condition is getting worse....I have to do....
Maafkan b sayang... :'(

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